Viva Mexico Map 2.1.1 Fix + Coast to Coast Compatible

Compatible with 1.5.x ATS

-Compatible with C2C (coast to coast)
-Fix Bugs
-Invisible walls (San Felipe, Puerto San Carlos, boarder San Diego)
-Height reduction speed dumps

Priority manager mods:
1. Viva Mexico Map 2.1.1
2. Coast to Coast Rescale v.x

Two versions of the map, one to play with coast to coast and another to play without.

Version Compatible with Coast To Coast (This version requires having activated mod C2C, otherwise the game will close)

Original Version (This version is to play without C2C)

should not activate both mods (Viva Mexico Map) at the same time.

It is recommended to download the two files for any combination of mods (Viva Mexico Map “single” or Viva Mexico Map + C2C)


Orginal Link: Download mod

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