TomDooley’s Pete 579 Enhanced for ATS 1.5 Update

Some features:

– BETA 80-inch high roof & mid-roof cabins w/ longer chassis and selection of side skirts

– cabin inner lights (sleepers only)

– added “r_grill” attachment point (compatible to Aradeth’s parts like horns and lights) and some sample roof slot arrangements. Intentionally left open for use on any cabin – it’s your problem if you put attachments where they float, clip or just don’t fit. Also includes a roofbar.

– added and/or modified some bullbars

– Fixed set of five rooftop marker lights, taken from the stock W900. For sleepers.

– Carrier APU/Aux Air-Conditioner on dedicated slot, mounted on right chassis side behind the tanks, adapted from Viper’s 389 (sleepers only)

– “Beacon” mount point, compatible to Aradeth/Ohaha’s parts from the VNL

– Exhausts for sleepers: Short Double Caliber (shorter pipes, fits better behind the standup sleeeper), outward-angled rear and side stacks modified from Pendragon models

– Selection of Viper’s 389 fenders adapted for the 579 (quarter/half/full fenders for sleepers)

– Neon effect under chassis (sleepers)

– more side skirt options, with or without actual plastic skirts

– Chrome or illuminated (white) Peterbilt logos for the radiator grill, adapted from Viper’s 389

– Side blinkers, for sleepers only

– Sideflares for sleepers: models with cleft for side exhausts (one by Shin2044, one by me), longer continuous sideflare panels (replacement), double-row sideflare (under cabin and under sideskirt)

– Rear-left toolbox (by Viper) or steps for the no-plastic sideskirts

– window deflectors

– additional horn adaptors (1.4)

– rack mount for 76-inch sleepers


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2 Responses

  1. brendan says:

    how do i turn on the interior sleeper light

  2. shaun says:

    Can you make this compatible with the Peterbilt 1.5 on Steam?

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