Dalton and Elliot Hwy Extreme Winter Map v1.0

Winter Version 1.0 Release

Ok guys decided to just release it as it is as I am pretty sure everything is fine with it.

This is a completely seperate map from the summer version, you do not need the summer version for this map.
You can still use savegames from the Summer Map however there will be an Economy Reset!
Please finish any jobs before switching to the Winter Version

In the file you will find two files. One being the Winter Map and the other being the weather mod.
If you use Piva’s weather (main weather not the Dalton addon) you will need this file.
If you dont use Pivas Weather you will only need the main file however any other weather mods must
be below the map in load order for the snow to work. I cannot guarantee other weather mods will conflict or not with the snow or daylight hours.
Please note i have moved the hdr.sii, climate.sii files into the weather mod scs file

Physics: I have adjusted the physics a bit for the SCS trucks and trailers.
If you use the advanced Physics mod with other trucks or not it must sit below the map in load order.
You will really notice the changed physics if you are speeding around corners etc especially on the
Bettles trail.

Please note you are gonna need a good truck for the Dalton and the hills with big loads.

fixed a few reported issues.
Added in Bettles winter trail. This is only available in the Winter version of the map.
This is quite a treacherous route as the Bettles Road is basically an old snowmobile track, but the only
way in and out of Bettles by car/truck when winter hits. You will really have to concentrate to stay on the road. (watch your gps and the snowmobile track)
( I did it bobtailing at night in snow and fog)
It is closed in summertime due to no bridges.
Although the Ice crossings are short they are still dangerous to trucks and cars.
If you listen carefully you can hear the ice cracking.
With Bettles you will find that there are no AI vehicles out there as in winter people get around
via snowmobile out there apparently, besides you do not want any oncoming traffic down that trail.
The Bettles turnoff is just before Prospect Creek Airport/Pump 5 going Northbound
I strongly advise sticking to the speed limit on the winter trail! You have been warned 😉

The Weigh Station at Fox is now Open so be warned you may get called in to stop for a weight Check going through Fox now.

Adjusted UI map to accommodate Bettles.

Added in a new truckskin for the Peterbilt 579 in Sourdough Express livery
made all custom AI paintjobs buyable in Upgrades created by me.
Added in a few new trailer skins
Added in the Chevy Van from ET2 in Carlile Livery.

Screenshot of Load Order (A copy in the download as well)


Dalton_and_Elliot_Hwy_Extreme_Winter_Ver_1.0.rar – 793.3 MB

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2 Responses

  1. aidin ross says:

    hey mate how are you look ive just got thing about this how come it cant be used as a add on because I would liked to use it as a add on and most of the roads didn’t show up on my screen can I get some feed back please I would love to use this mod

  2. carlos says:

    este mapa tiene errores como este https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5iPD-k69Jw minuto 19:06.

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