Mack Titan V3.1 updated for ATS v1.30

– Corrected wrong name on manifest
– Fixed shadow
– Fixed driver and codriver plate shop icon
– Reworked speedometer

Mahad110, FRANK_WOT, Андрей Васильев, vitalik062, Kriechbaum

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3 Responses

  1. Viper Romani says:

    Pro’s: Its a mack with decent tuning options great driving feel awesome on point tranny and engines.

    Con’s engines lack power, When driving its engine seems to struggle on power and RPM/TQ at some points *Inaccurate or poor torque curve* Engine Brake sfx? At times you are either going I don’t hear it or wait is that it? Would be nice to see an implementation of jake brakes new/old + Idle start-up SFX for mac truck mods. (Or allow crossover of pre-existing mods that have engines with Jake brake + idle options)

    But overall I give the mod a 2/5

    -1 Engines lack of power due to inaccurate torque curve or modders lack of attention towards engine creation or all three.
    -2 SFX (engine brake) No jake brake old/new with Idle .

  2. Viper Romani says:

    Oh and least i forget. It would of been nice as well to see a bit more selection of engines with better TQ at least
    the current engines assigned to this Mack Titan are somewhat underpowered struggles a bit to get up to speed kind of like a 5mb DSL kind of lag but not dial up 33k style slow

  3. Viper Romani says:

    And also.. so how is it possible to even drive and or stop the truck without any peddles? Seems this was rushed and no effort was made what so ever. Taking off another star till this is fixed and removing the mod out of my folder as well.

    again I liked the fact this is a mac truck and it looks beautiful and sounds great but the limitations on tuning the truck
    and having an extremely small selection of engines as well as the engine brake sfx is hardly heard I was going over 50+mph and used the engine brake didn’t hear anything at times I do but at more times not.

    1/5 rating

    Reviewing edit-

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