PHYSICS V0.1 BETA [1.29.X]

Hello. I was digging in the file physics.sii, basically all the changes touched the cab suspension, also slightly changed the parameters of the front and rear suspension of the truck, made it a bit softer, because Tracks in the ATS were more like a solid design and behaved very rigidly and not really in my opinion, has slightly changed the parameters of the brakes and their ratio. Added to this mode a pneumatic seat, which also adds a realistic sense of the truck’s progress when seeing from the cockpit from the 1st person. Mod gave the version number 0.1, since this is my first mod, and beta, because in the future I will modify it based on personal preferences and your wishes. Test and express your impressions!

P.S. In fact, using the file physics.sii it is impossible to fully realistically adjust the parameters of the cab suspension, because in reality on most American tracks the cabin is rigidly attached to the front and has a pneumatic cushion at the back, but in the ATS in the file physics.sii the parameters are dependent on each other and if you make the cabin rigid in front, then it loses its course and behind, respectively, you can only achieve a similarity of realism, which I tried to do. Most likely this functionality is simply transferred by developers from ETS, which is not correct for this game.
Game version: 1.29.х

Roman Skripnikov

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