Realistic Headlight Range ATS v0.6

•This modification gives more realistic headlight lighting

Added for the following trucks

Update (v0.2) – Added for the following trucks
◦9800 – International 9800
◦mersedes.1632 – Mercedes LPS 1632
◦maz.5440.a8 – МАЗ-5340/5440/6430 А8
◦g7.1200.o500rsd – Mercedes-Benz g7
◦ilego.t – Scania Illegal T
◦kenw908 – Kenworth T908
◦fld – Freightliner FLD
◦freightliner.inspiration – FREIGHTLINER INSPIRATION
◦ – Nissan Diesel UD Quon
◦volvo.nh12 – Volvo NH12
◦vnl660 – Volvo VNL 660
◦zil130 – zil_130
◦ilego – Scania R&S
◦pinnacle – Mack Pinnacle
◦ural.8×4 – Ural 43202
◦volvo.fh13 – Volvo FH13 440

Update (v0.3) – Added for the following trucks
◦fred – Freightliner Century
◦zil – ГАЗ (3308)
◦man.irizar.pb – IRIZAR PB
◦5490 – KAMAZ 5490
◦scania.143m – Scania 143 M
◦man.tgs – MAN TGS
◦man.tga – MAN TGA
◦man.tgx_euro6 – MAN TGX Euro6
◦man.tgs_euro6 – TGS Euro6
◦sisu.r500 – SISU R500/C500/C600
◦volvo.fh16_classic – Volvo FH Classic
◦volvo.fh16_2013 – FH 2013 (ohaha)
◦ – Scania R & Streamline Modifications
◦scania.t – Scania T Mod

Update (v0.4) – Added for the following trucks
◦mercedes.antos12 – 4 D3S Mercedes-Benz Antos ’12
◦freightliner.coronado – Freightliner Coronado Modernized
◦kamaz.65221 – KamAZ 43-63-65 of road
◦kraz-kraz1 – Kraz 260 by Aronson
◦man.f2000 – MAN F2000 19.414
◦maz – MAZ 515b
◦mercedes.mp1 – Mercedes-Benz Actros MP1
◦mercedes.mp2 – Mercedes MP2
◦g440 – Scania R400 Streamline
◦scot.a2hd – [SCR] Scot A2HD
◦volvo.vnl780 – Volvo VNL 780 Truck Shop
◦kenworth.521 – Kenworth 521 series
◦cascadia.2018 – CASCADIA_2018_BY_CONBAR
◦kamaz.6460 – KamAZ 54-64-65
◦5410hq – KamAZ 5410
◦kam53602 – KamAZ 53602
◦mazg – MAZ 6422
◦peterbilt.389v2 – Viper2, V2obert, True Arts Modding Team
◦volvo.nh12 – Volvo NH-12 edit mjtemdark

Update (v0.5) – Added for the following trucks
◦Big Stars – Actros / Arocs SLT
◦Scania 4 Series
◦Volvo VNL 670
◦Volvo VNL 630

Update (v0.6)
◦This update adds realistic lighting, now for front headlights and headlights on the roof
◦This update is added over to 70 trucks

Put above all modifications about trucks


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