Great Dane Flatbed


-Advance Coupling;

-Landing Gear Animation;

-Lift Axles;

-30 cargos

Software Used:

Zanoza Modeler 3


3DS Max




Download Link 2: Download mod

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43 Responses

  1. Your mom says:

    This really shouldnt be here should be on a paid site! thought this might have been a free mod ill reporte

  2. He's selling a free mod says:

    This is Keith D’s free Dorsey Aluminum Giant Flatbed. Dude is just trying to sell it for a quick buck.

  3. I like truck says:

    I agree with both of you. This mod would not be fucked to a paid site like Gumroad.

  4. I like truck says:

    I agree with both of you. This mod would not be f**ked to a paid site like Gumroad.

    • I like truck says:

      Edit 2: My mom does not allow me to swear, but I’m allowed to swear on some occasions.

      • I like truck says:

        Remember which was my first swear word?
        A: toadette
        B: fuck
        C: shithole
        The correct answer is A.
        Toadette was the first swear word that I have spoken, but my mom allowed me to say this.

  5. Scaniafan1986 says:

    Crappity crap.

    • Scaniafan1986 says:

      Crappies so crappy.

      • Scaniafan1986 says:

        Crap crap crap.

        • Scaniafan1986 says:

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  6. Scaniafan1986 says:

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  7. Scaniafan1986 says:

    I missed one toad word: toadbjorn.

  8. Jacek487 says:

    ten mod to gówno lepiej go nie kupuj

  9. mario says:

    The discussion ends at 20 comments.

  10. Scaniafan1986 says:

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  11. Scaniafan1986 says:

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  12. Caillou says:

    As the mod is fucked up to Gumroad, this makes me cry.

  13. KeithD says:

    My free Dorsey Aluminium Giant Flatbed mod is free, but this crappy Great Dane Flatbed is paid.

  14. Toad says:

    Oh crap! Toadette is in big trouble! I must help her!

  15. Scaniafan1986 says:

    a cocksucking service hahahahahahahahahahaha

    • Toad says:

      I can’t find any cocksucking services on my computer. Google can’t show any results.

      • Caillou says:

        Me too. Google is not showing anything. I tried multiple search engines, including those of DuckDuckGo, Yahoo and Yandex but still nothing.

        • Twilight Sparkle says:

          Me 3. Google is broken as it can’t swear. Other search engines like DuckDuckGo or even Baidu are also unable to swear. However, Yandex was able to swear.

          • Antonio62 says:

            I’m able to find a cocksucking service. I’m using Yandex because Google is broken. Compared to Google, Yandex shows swearing in its search box. Hahahahahahahaha! I won! Yaaaaaaaaaaay! I’m the winner! Yahoo! Yahoo! Yahoo! Yahoo! Yahoo!

          • Scaniafan1986 says:

            Antonio, I’m very proud of you. You get a gold cup for using Yandex and finding the only cocksucking service in Ontario, Canada.

          • Antonio62 says:


  16. Toadette says:

    this shit must be STOPPED!!!

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