Real World Signs & Logos v1.5 – 1.46

The mod changes textures in the landscape and traffic to images of real signage and company logos.
Prime Rib Roadside Restaurant -> Steakhouse in the outback (an artistic license was used to work in game models)
Ennis -> Dennis
(Also changed the advertisements in the windows for the above versions to real versions)
Fusion -> Petro
Rent in Herren -> Rent in Ahern
N-Hool -> U-haul
Package Sent -> FedEx
Courier Sent – DHL
Frog -> Ford
Frog Runner -> Ford Explorer
CNB News -> NBC News
American Lines -> Union Pacific
SCS -> RTD (Denver Commuter Train)
Bells Fargo/Wells Bank -> Wells Fargo (several cities)
Domus Arena -> Moda Center (Portland)
Quality Suites -> Candlewood Suites (Eugene)
Public Credit Union -> OCCU (Eugene)
Nest – Eagle’s Nest (some signage and advertisements)
Wyoming Home Improvement Store -> Wyoming Home Improvement Store (Cheyenne)
Roadside Paradise -> Little America (Cheyenne and Little America)
Interstate Bank -> First Interstate Bank
Historical Automobile Museum -> Frontier Automobile Museum (neon)
S -> Common Cents Logo (Sheridan)

Version 1.5:
fixed BNSF train
boat fixed a bug that caused the Coca-Cola sign to stretch on some signs
added an updated boat for the Peter Center in El Paso
replacement Gasoline Express City Pump
replacement Retro Arcade Casino Luck Lil’s Casino
replacement Colico Pepsi
replacement Field Tractor 1199 – John Deere 8400
replacement H226 – John Deere S790
on GARC boxcars and American lines now written BNSF and Union Pacific
replacement Inn Hotel – Quality Inn & Suites (Idaho Falls)
replacement BillingsPark – MetroPark (Billings)
Replacement First Arena 0 First Interstate Arena (Billings)
replacement Coffee Shop – City Brew Coffee (Bozeman)
replacement Mexican Taco – Qdoba Mexican Grill (Bozeman)
replacement Mountain State University – Montana State University (Bozeman)
replacement Cafe Rising Steam – Cafe Rising Trout (Lewistown)
replacement Holy Sugar Company – Holly Sugar Corp (Sydney)
replacement Theater Center (Sydney)
replacement Dog Handlers – Clipper Coots (Sydney)
replacement Regional Bank – Stockman Bank (Sydney)
replacement Cooperative Ranch Oil – Agland (Wolf Point)
replacement Eastmoon – WestStar (El Paso)
Replacement Bank – United Bank (El Paso)
replacement Bank Perrivinkle – Bank Sunflower (El Paso)
replacement Hotel – Marriott (El Paso)



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