Dro Modding Mac Edit v2.0 – 1.47/1.48

This mod would not be possible without Gerry Thomas aka Dro Modding giving me the permission to edit this trailer and bring it back to life and re-release it publicly.

This trailer edit started when I first started learning how to mod back in February 2020 and has been worked on, on and off ever since. I’ve learned so much about modding while making this edit. There’s tons left to do in the future but i’ve gotten it to a very stable point where I feel like it’s good enough for everyone to use. I didn’t want to release something half-assed with errors all over the place. It’s not perfect which is why I didn’t want to charge an arm and a leg for the trailer. If you feel the trailer is worth more than $1 then feel free to pay as much as you want for it, I appreciate anything extra. I just want to try to reverse the course the paid mod community has turned to, making mods cost 2-5x more than the actual base game costs. I’m probably an idiot for doing so, not capitalizing on as much as I could for this trailer but I guess I’ll die a fool. I’ve just always wanted to release my own mod and finally I can do just that.

This trailer hasn’t been updated since it was updated to be ownable back in 2018/2019. I decided it needed a face-lift after being forgotten for so long. There have been massive changes made to it. The biggest change is turning the trailer into a 53ft flatbed instead of it’s original 48ft version. I did this because there are not many 53ft flatbed mods out there, at least when i first started working on this trailer. I’ve added 21 different chassis’ with all kinds of configurations. This was the first trailer to publicly include overhang loads and influenced a lot of other modders to include overhang loads in their trailers as well. The overhang loads can bounce you around once you pick it up from a loading area. Has to be that way because of the collisions of the load and for the A.I. to recognize the load is even there and not just drive through it. So i’d recommend using a no damage mod when hauling the overhang loads. There are plans to add even more to it in the future including the biggest change of making a B-Train variant of the trailer but until I learn how to make a B-Train work, it’ll be on the list of everything else I want to add in the near future. I genuinely hope everyone enjoys this trailer, I put 100’s of hours into this trailer over the past 3 years and just want everyone to have a good time with it.

Check the changelog file for a list of all the major changes. I may have forgotten to include some of the changes because I’ve done so much new stuff to the trailer. Check the description text file for all the credits as well as all the testers. The template for the skinning will absolutely be adjusted in the future, it was my first time ever UV mapping and creating a template for something. Check the “mactemplate” dds file for the template for skinning. Can’t stress enough that there are so many things I want to add to this trailer so expect to keep coming back to it. New loads, accessories, chassis’, and so much more are on the list of things to add down the line.



Download Link 2: Download mod

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  1. RubberDuck says:

    The custom spread configuration has no chrome frame option, only paint. Any chance we can get an update on that?

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