Freightliner SD Pack – 1.47/1.48

Understand that this truck is not a picture perfect vehicle. I worked on it in my spare time. What you see is what you get. I work on it periodically so you may see new updates soon.
This truck comes with:
4 hood options (122, 132, SBA, and Coronado)
36 chassis options (9 per hood, ranging from 8×4, 6×4, long 6×4, daycab, etc)
9 cabin options (dc, 34, 48, 58 mid, 58 xt, 70 mid, 70 xt, 70 full, and ARI)
Thats quite a few combinations!
You’ll also find numerous accessory options. I haven’t really restricted what accessories can go where so you can make the trucks how you want. Understand that this will sometimes result in conflicts between 2 objects. Use your better judgement.

too many indices (too many polies assigned to one material)
Speedo gauge is off (I’m not great with animations but will reach out to some friends and see if they can help with that)
Oversize load signs can conflict (doesn’t reset when switching between hood sometimes)
Can’t find effect (Still working on pinpointing the material that is causing this)
Will I get a chance to fix these? I hope so but I can’t guarantee when.
Models themselves aren’t perfect.
Shadows could use some love.
If I get a chance, I’ll fix what’s wrong and what is brought up in the future. For now, she’s as is unless there’s a game-breaking problem.

Big Joe Gaming

Download Link 2: Download mod

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  1. Andre says:

    when i drove this truck with the sleeper or without it, it gets damaged while driving even though i didnt hit anything

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