ATS Truck Discount Swag v1.0

Have you found yourself looking at the prices of the trucks to fill your fleet and seeing after the years that the older trucks simply cost the same as the newer ones that have been just released?

Or that some mod developers have chosen to price each option or their creation so high that you can barely afford it after playing for days and days?

If you would like to role play as a reality based trucking company and are looking to purchase trucks from the back of the lot that have been sitting around for way too long then this can offset the standard set value of the original in-game trucks or mods that are listed below.

If you would like to role play as a trucking-influencer then you can just look at the swag as sponsorship items.

If any of those is true for you.. than check this out. I took the SCS Toys DLC (Mod is dependent on the DLC)and adapted it to a giveaway swag campaign.

By utilizing new def names there is no conflict to the original DLC and the Assets are still dependent on the purchase of the DLC. But you get each swag item filled with cold hard cash/currency.

Each swag item has a cubic volume of space. I took that space and divided it by the volume of a single currency bill = .07

So each item you choose you will receive a negative cost credit to your truck’s purchase or fitment price.

An air freshener is only 3.75 cubic volume so it is worth 54 single currency bills.
Whereas a pillow has 864 cubic volume and is worth 12,342 single currency bills.
The largest of all the items is the cooler, 5524 cubic volume = 78,914 single currency bills.

Hopefully this will offset the costs for the older model trucks that are available to a more realistic value. But, essentially you make the choices of how you would like to play. Use as many items as you want or as little as you choose.

This mod will be available for both ATS & ETS2, the original vanilla trucks and a large number of mods. I will be coding for each def-name for each mod but I cannot guarantee that those mods are coded correctly to fit the SCS vanilla workflow pattern, slot names or current update availability. 180 trucks, all ETS2 Def_names + ATS Def_names for those that have been ported over via mods.



Download Link 2: Download mod

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