Cummins N14 for the Peterbilt 389


Hi all !

ATS is here, and it is so amazing. Scs did a nice job, the improvements are really visibles.

Here’s a little ride with my W900L in ATS. This is not only to show you my truck, it is also of course to give you my new Cummins N14 sounds.

This W900 in this video is a Turbosquid model, exported by my friend Peerke145. It is private and will stay like this.

The sound mod for now is working for the Peterbilt 389 by Viper2.
It should also work with ETS 2.

I can make it work on others trucks, but it is a lot of work since there are a lot of trucks and a lot of engines lines to edit…. So i’ll make it working on the most popular trucks of the game this week, this depends if it is enjoyed or not.

Also, soon, a big update of my two Cat is coming, all is ready.

In this video, i use a little mod i made to remove ths bloom effect when u enable HDR.

Rest of the graphics are set to MAX at 400% Nvidia SLi isn’t working properly for now, and i expect an update from Nvidia drivers in the coming days…

Take care to the thiefs, last days few guys from a new modding group stole few of my sounds, and released them as their own sounds.
In this video EVERYTHING is from me at 100% (like most of the time) there are even no one scs sound file at all in this mod. All has been made from scratch, even the icons in the shop and so on…

Hope you enjoy the little trip. Drive safely !!! 🙂


N14_sound_mod_for_the_Peterbilt_389.rar – 5.1 MB

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  1. Sniper says:

    What mod did you use for the truck?

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