Interstate 10 v1.1

Version 1.1 additions:
* Adds the city of Telluride, OK connecting Denver and Kayenta, AZ with the addition of the “Million Dollar Hwy.”
* The million dollar hwy(MDH) is a truckers nightmare and only experienced drivers should attempt the ascent with any loads.
* It has hairpin turns, steep angles, and rises 590 ft.(game scale) in just a few miles.
* I’ve tested it with a heavy load. Most loads can be pulled up the mountain pass in 1st or maybe 2nd gear.
* Heavy loads I recommend L (low) gear for the duration of the ascent. Gear shifting on ascent will cause rpms to drop and you’ll lose your power band.
* You DO NOT want to stop during the ascent or you’ll never get restarted.
* The truck will simply kill or spin. Trust me… can be done. You just got to know your stuff.
* Swing WIDE on the turns. Do not worry about oncoming traffic as i have that disabled on the trickiest parts.

Interstate 10 v1.1 adds Van Horn, TX, Telluride, CO, Cape Coral, FL, & Hayes, Kansas. My sought after Valero SUPER TRUCK STOPS are in each of the cities except for telluride. All of my Valero truckstops feature easy access fuel pumps, Sleeping areas, & truck repair. All are pull-thru so no more backing in and out to use a service.
I brought back the G.A.T. tunnels! :mrgreen:
the east coast-west coast tunnel entrances are in Nogales, AZ and Jacksonville, FL. I have a shorter tunnel that shortcuts from the Valero Super Truck Stop in Lafayette, LA and goes to Cape Coral Florida.


Interstate_10.scs – 39.7 MB

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6 Responses

  1. Rickpp says:

    as always the admins jump the gun and post before i work all the bugs out……the new link is

  2. willson says:

    I think your going off topic AMERICAN TRUCK SIMULATOR Bermuda is not part of the United States and their is no road the go their am sure they have their own truck drivers so yea what is up still with the tree in New Orleans FIXED a guardrail running across all westbound lanes and the eastbound fast lane. San Antonio you really should just take the remix ver. and just add to it

  3. Rickpp says:

    you are obviously running an outdated version of Interstate 10. The guardrails running across the hwy. in San Antonio were fixed 3 weeks ago. There are NO trees in the middle of the road in New Orleans. ….and yes I know Bermuda is not part of the United States. I mightve gotten a C in geography but I know where Bermuda is located.

  4. Rickpp says:

    Since whoever posted my map didnt include the loading order, here it is………
    MEXUSCAN v1.10.1
    INTERSTATE 10 v1.1

  5. taylor says:

    It kills my game not compatible with any versions

  6. Nawazy says:

    I have ATS V. 1.6.2 and I installed interstate v.1.10 and coast to coast v. 1.9 and crashing when adding mexuscan v. 1.11.

    Please give me compatible version links to get MDH for ATS V. 1.6.2

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