Grandiose map of North and South America with the islands and continents.
The structure MEGA Map, includes almost all known to date, the content of many maps.
Location of files in the manager, shown in the screenshot.

Only use this map set in the profile.
Extract archives 7zip, below each file belongs to him. The resulting files – scs, put it in a folder – mod and connect to the manager according to the screenshot.
ATS version 1.4.x
Download all 2 parts for correct work

hugoces, Collaboration: Erick Sandeb, Mario, ManiaX, Mantrid, MsHeavyAlex, Team Maps EAA, voldemar56, losevo58.

Mega_Map_ATS_part2.7z – 1.1 GB
Mega_Map_ATS_part1.7z – 881.5 MB

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What is american truck simulator mods?
Although the game is designed very high quality, good graphics, sounds, maps, any time you want to supplement your game with new trucks, tools, machinery, maps. Your american truck simulator game will become even more attractive. Simply download the ATS mods, read descriptions and fill their games with new tools. All modifications free, no hidden charges.

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6 Responses

  1. Robert says:

    Hi – great mod so far! Very happy with it. However, I did find one issue so far. I hit an “invisible wall” when trying to get into Oregon on both I-5 north of Holbrook, as well as on Hwy-95 north of McDermitt. Finally found a way into Oregon from the east on I-84 past Boise. I guess it’s a bug??

  2. Razor says:

    I cant even get it to show up in the module for new game. Any help?

  3. Didi says:

    Would the map be updatet for ATS 1.5 ?

  4. JaydenMacNab64 says:

    Will this map be made available for 1.5.2 because it wouldn’t work on my 1.5.2 and I hear its an awesome mod plus it has my hometown Thuder Bay in it

  5. gabino xorxan says:

    hola nesesito ayuda

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