Sound Fixes Pack ATS v24.26

Sound Fixes Pack v24.26 1 601x655

Sound Fixes Pack v24.26 1 601×655

3 new air brake sound effects added to the array for the reworked default air brake sounds.
– Special thanks to Max2712 for permission to use some of his sound samples for this.

Implemented taxiing sound effect for the F-22 Raptor aircraft sound set. [ATS edition]
Engine sounds added to the civilian 2016 Volkswagen Transporter (T6 generation) in AI traffic. [ETS2 edition]
2 new horn sounds added to the array for the 2014 DAF XF 106 in AI traffic. [ETS2 edition]
4 new horn sounds added to the array for the 2021 DAF XG+ in AI traffic. [ETS2 edition]
1 new engine sound set variation for the 2007 DAF XF 105 in AI traffic. [ETS2 edition]
2007 DAF XF 105 sound sets are now the default sound sets for truck_us_1.soundref and truck_us_2.soundref. [ETS2 edition]
Compatibility patch for the upcoming version of Winter sounds. [ETS2 edition]
Minor sound volume adjustments for some brake squeaking sound effects for the player’s truck.

Reworked brake squeaking sounds should now be possible to hear with moderate presses of the brake pedal.
– Reminder: Only trucks with a high odometer value get this sound. Many of these trucks are in the Used Trucks dealership.

— Optional addon news —
Previous soundproofing for ETS2 updated for the 2024 Scania S BEV.


This mod has been bringing more immersion to common sounds in the game for over 8 years!

It packs a variety of sound content within one mod, making it great value within the 100 mod limit in Convoy multiplayer.


* ETS2 1.50.3 + ATS 1.50.1. No errors in game log. Must have high priority in Mod Manager.
* Does not replace individual player truck sounds, so this mod can be used with an unlimited amount of truck sound mods of your choice.
* Compatible with all maps and all trucks, including truck mods.
* Supported in single-player and multiplayer Convoy mode, and is marked as an optional mod in Convoy.


Requires higher priority in Mod Manager than:
– any map mods (e.g. ProMods)
– any AI traffic mods (e.g. traffic packs and traffic pack add-ons)
– any rain sound mods


The mod features meticulously crafted sounds, covering the following:

– Suspension and tire bump sounds for your truck and trailer.
– Fuel / filling station sounds.
– Door close and seatbelt sounds after refueling.
– Train sound enhancements for several locomotives and railroad cars.
– Country/state specific railroad crossing bell sounds.
– The most complete tire sound package for all terrains: asphalt, gravel, grass, snow, and sleeper lines.
– Wet tire sound for the player’s truck tires when the asphalt roads are wet.
– Reworked tire screech/skid sound effects.
– Nokia phone ringtone sound replacing the hurry up / late music, leading to less stress for the player.
– Default common sound reworks, such as improved default air brake sounds.
– AI traffic vehicle sound improvements, with engine and horn sounds uniquely set for specific vehicles.
– English AU/UK/US voice navigation variants with speaker effect added and uncustomary phrases removed.
– Wind buffeting and rush of air sounds at high speeds only when the window is open.
– More environmental and ambient sounds, and tasteful changes to existing ambient sounds in the game world.
– Trailer coupling and trailer brace rotation sounds.
– 4 standalone air horns.
– Dynamic rain sounds, and an assortment of different thunder sounds with delay.
– The default wiper sound may now squeak only when the windshield is dry.
– Default gear grinding sound effect additions and improvements.
– Stronger reverb effects when under bridges and overpasses.
– (ATS only) Drawbridge lift warning sound for the Columbia River Interstate Bridge.
– (ATS only) Working sounds for the Musical Road on the Historic Route 66.
– (Optional) Reefer / refrigerated trailer sound functionality.
– (Optional – ATS only) Cop scouting reports via CB radio (enable in voice navigation options).
– Fixes for World Ambient sound glitches from the vanilla game and/or mods.

For further immersion, the mod may also include official paint colors and more authentic specifications for each AI traffic vehicle it modifies for sound. Rarer paint colors are less likely to be seen.


* SCS Software for base sounds and for creating games open to modding
* Drive Safely for sound mixing and editing, some sound samples, and for compiling the mod
* antonvezdehod and Katixa for some high speed tire sounds
* Darkcaptain for a variety of rain sound samples
* Frontiersman for some additional CB radio voice lines
* Grinch for the Euro Truck Simulator 2 fallback railroad crossing bell sound
* Kriechbaum for several Renault T and Mack E6 sound samples and a blinker off stick sound
* Max2712 for several sound samples from multiple trucks from Scania, Mercedes, and MAN
* Trayscapes for recordings of a Mack E6 truck
* Vasily (Engine Voice Records) for some air brake sound samples
* Zeemod for a wind sound sample


The SCS Forum link below for the Sound Fixes Pack holds all official download links and is open to suggestions and questions about the mod:

If you like quick and easy automatic updates and a ‘safe mode’ to protect from incompatibility with future game updates, the Steam Workshop edition of the mod is highly recommended.

SCS Software, Drive Safely, antonvezdehod, Darkcaptain, Frontiersman, Grinch, Katixa, Kriechbaum, Max2712, Trayscapes, Vasily (Engine Voice Records), Zeemod

Download mods:

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