1974 Kenworth W900A ATS v1.6

1974 Kenworth w900a
Purchase in the Kenworth dealer
Includes several skins
Tested with ATS v1.6

Joe Nagonette & Craig Teague

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4 Responses

  1. darell says:

    How do i install all of the files that are in the download file?????PLEASE HELP!!

    • SpeedyHaul says:

      you have to open it w “7zip” its free n very good and then rename the “.zip” part of the file you first see to “.scs” then you can use right click “copy to” to your mods folder

  2. Bullfrog385 says:

    Hi, I’m new at playing with mod and was wondering if I did something wrong? Does this Mod not work with Version 1.30.02? I Installed it at suggested but now the whole game is Lagging, Really Bad.. BTW the game took a 28mb update right before I added this mod. Also if this Mod doesn’t support Ver. 1.30, is there another W-900A Mod that does work for it? Thanks in advance.

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