2012 Dodge Charger Police Cruiser v1


Updated version of my original Police unit mod.
Features California Highway Patrol and Nevada State Troopers, as well as Las Vegas Metropolitan PD, San Francisco PD and Los Angeles PD liveries.
Liveries will only appear in the respective state/city, ie, California Highway Patrol will ONLY appear in California, Nevada State Trooper will ONLY appear in Nevada, etc.
This has not been tested with my older Charger mod, so cannot garauntee that they will work together. This was intended as a complete replacement.

Jazzycat, DaModza Customs, CadNav.com

2012_dodge_charger_cruiser.zip – 3.0 MB

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  1. Avatar Rhys says:

    can you make a verison of this for us to be able to drive? i know its a truck game but i love the car mods that allow us to drive and i love dodge chargers so how could it go wrong? haha if you do end up making it or already have one like or or find on (that isnt the skoda) then send me an email with the link thanks <3

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