[ATS] MEXICO EXTREMO V2.1.16 [1.38.X]

Mexico Extremo Map – Trucking in Mexico is never as straight forward as in the US. Experience windy and dangerous roads, questionable conditions, road blocks, speed bumps and the ever satisfying beauty of the Mexican landscape, all from the comfort of your home. New two states added, Aguascalientes and Nayarit, remodel of Durango state entirely, small portion added south of Chihuahua state, some upgrades made in Zacatecas. Special trasnport DLC support with 7 special transport cargo routes in map.
*Oregon, Washington, New Mexico DLC needed*

Features map Mexico Extremo:
– Special transport support (6 routes)
– Aguascalientes state added.
– Remodel of durango state entirely.
– New areas south of chihuahua state (rest of the state is WIP)
– New deliveir areas from oregon DLC assets (Oregon DLC needed)
– Remodel of extreme route in Canelas and Tamazula
– New remodel routes in Durango state, federal road 23, 45, 49 and state road 44.
– A maze! first in ATS, figurate out in Mapimi area called “Zona del Silencio”
– New urban and rural junctions in map
– 17 new cities and remodels in 2.1 “Aguascalientes”.
New cities added

Changes in v2.1.16:

– Update for 1.38
– You need Oregon, Washington, New Mexico DLC for the map to work

Load Order:

–environment mods–
–road texture mods–
–garage logo mods–
–environment sound mods, like Sound Fixes Pack–
–real company logo mods–
Background map For use with Mexico, Coast to Coast and CanaDream. DO NOT USE if you aren’t using Mexico! – REQUIRES CANADREAM v2.7.1 or later
ATS Universal Combos Mod v1.1 – an alternative map background by BenganJ, dOOmERdaZe, and Arayas
Midwest Expansion Beta by Jacemeister.
CanaDream version 2.11
Coast to Coast version 2.11.5
Reforma Mega Resources C2C patch v3
Reforma Mega Resources version 2.1.12
Reforma Sierra Nevada version 2.2.24
US 95 Remake v1.3 PaZzmod compatible
PaZzMod for Mexico maps, version 1.2.02
Reforma Mexssimap version 1.6c
Reforma Chihuahua v2.3.0 beta 3a
Reforma Mexico Extremo version 2.1.16
Viva Mexico version 2.5.7
–ai vehicle mods, such as the Jazzcat mods–
–wheel packs mods such as Smarty’s wheel packs–
–trailer mods–
–truck improvement mods–
–truck mod (singular – one truck is enough)–

Link 1 Map v2.1.16:

Link 2 Mega Resources 2.1.12:

Eblem & Raul

Download Link: Download mod
Download Link 2: Download mod

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