[ATS] MHAPRO MAP (updated) 1.33.X

Map of Europe, this map rebuilds and saturates the standard map, adds new cities and towns.
New unusual companies, new objects, junctions and roads.
Compatible with many cards that do not affect the standard, for example RusMap, EAA, PJ Indo Map, etc.
For its proper operation, the DLC cards “Going East”, “Scandinavia”, “Vive La France” and Italy are Required

DLC Special Transport Routes:
1. From Phoenix Airport to Sierra Vista Coastline Mine
2. Kingman Plaster & Sons to Flagstaff Plaster & Sons
3. Oakland Harbor to Huron Bushnell Farm
4. From Fresno (Bitumen) to Bakersfield (Crops)
5. From Eureka HMS to Redding BITUMEN
6.San Rafael (Darchell Yzau) to Eureka (Darchell Yzau)
7. Yuma (wallbert) to Tucson (Plaster and Sons)

Changes in v1.33.x
1. many new parking place in companies
2. overlook road 101 from Eureka to north
3. new 229 from Redding to East in progress
4. city Redding (CA)
– company roadwork
– company car service
5. new city Weed (CA)
– company gas station
– company 42p_print
– company dg_wd_saw
– company dg_wd_saw1
– company hf_wd_pln
– company dg_wd_hrv
6. new compnay Roadwork Base
7. new small village Fall River Mills (CA)
– company roadwork base
– company wal_food_mkt
– company pns_con_sit3
8. new cross on road from Redding (CA) to Reno (CA) nbr 44
9. new road in Redding (CA)
10. update whole base for Load in game !
11. city Tumcumcari (NM)
– company pns_con_sit2
– companies (parking places)ž
12. fixed some small mistakes on map MOD
13. fixed some parking places on the side of highways
14. new small village Pastura
– company wal_food_mkt
15. new city part Quartzsite (AZ)
– company lowes_mkt
16. new overlook city Farmington (NM)
– new parking places in city
– new look
– connection to Albuquerque (NM) road 550
17. new village Canby (CA)
– company tid_mkt
– company dg_wd_hrv
18. MHA constr. company are fixed after new update – was some mess in there
19. new signs in game
20. some old parking places are marked with area place
21. new crosses and Detour road 215 around Las Vegas (NV)
22. 2 new big crosses on Detour 215 – first part of work on Detour road
23. fixed signs on road 15 from Las Vegas (NV) to Barstow (CA)
24. new signs on Detour 215 road
25. new gear Indicator for Kenworth W900
26. fixed all Farm problems, after when SCS changed 3rd time Load places in ATS life
27. fixed some other companies with similar problems
28. overlook whole 101 road from south to the north
29. new look Klamath Falls (OR)
– company bn_farm
– company sc_frm
30. connect to road OR 140
– I put part by part that road in my map
– new look and good rules on the road
31. new small city Bly (OR)
– company pns_con_sit3
– company bn_farm
– company ed_mkt
– company pns_con_sit2
32. finished OR140 road connection from both sides
33. new look city Lakeview (OR)
– new parking places in companies
– new look on roads
34. new parking places in Eugene (OR)
– in companies
35. village Rome (OR)
– company bn_farm
36. village Riley (OR)
– company bn_farm
– company mha_car_yrd
37. village Juntura (OR)
– company bn_farm
– company sc_frm
– company bit_rd_svc
– company cm_min_qry
38. village Brothers (OR)
– company mha_constr
39. city Burns (OR)
– company bn_farm
40. village Maupin (OR)
– company ed_mkt
41. city Redmond
– company bn_farm
– company sc_frm
– company McDonalds
– company lowes_mkt
42. new village Prineville (OR)
– company tid_mkt
– company dg_wd_hrv
43. small city Mt Vernon (OR)
– company pns_con_sit
– company pns_con_sit2
– company lowes_whs
– company dg_wd_hrv
44. new road US 26 in Oregon (connection between Redmond and Mt Vernon)
45. new road US 126 in Oregon (connection between Redmond and Mt Vernon)
46. new road US 26 in Oregon (connection between Mt Vernon and The Dalles)
47. city Socorro (NM)
– company bn_farm
48. city Show Low
– company sc_frm_grg
49. city Coos Bay
– company target_whs
50. some new road signs
51. overlook over whole 101 road from south to north
52. city McDermitt (NV)
– company lowes_mkt
– company bn_farm


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