Dalton and Elliot Hwy Extreme – Winter Edition v2.1 (1.37.x)

Dalton and Elliot Hwy Extreme – is a Standalone Map on a 1:1 Scale and is NOT Compatible with any other map i.e C2C or Mexuscan so please do not ask.
Experience has been increased to reflect the size of the map compared to the base game. Pay has not.
This map is not for the feint of heart it will take you 20 minutes to get to Fox from Fairbanks and 3 1/2 hours to get to Yukon River Camp. It takes about 2 hours or so just to get to the Dalton Highway from Fairbanks alone. There are hills and corners that will make your jaw drop or wake you up. This map has been mapped with google earth and elevations for every single node added to their correct heights for their respective locations via Google Maps Find Altitude.

Map Includes

– this mod add winter edition for the map
– Scale 1:1
– Connected by a separate module
– Not compatible with any other cards
– Alaska State Troopers and Fairbanks Police Cars, Custom Trailer skins for some companies.
– Carlile T680 and W900 Skins for the SCS player trucks and AI trucks
– adapted to the latest game version 1.37.x

Changes in v2.1:

– added support for FMod sounds;
– added all truck dealers to Fairbanks as well as Deadhorse/Prudhoe Bay;
– Added in some Birch Trees and Aspen trees to Fairbanks and the Bettles Trail;
– Added in lighting around most cities/towns/villages to prefabs;
– Changed a couple of building models on the west side of Fairbanks. (The School);
– Changed the Motel at Coldfoot and the shack. ( Might have done this for 1.36 not sure);
– Fixed a terrain anomalie by Livengood Airport that was sticking up into the air.
– Smoothed out some of the hills a bit between Fairbanks and Fox.
– Tweaked the Aux[2] on the snow texture to try eliminate any further texture loading issues;
– Changed the Experience for Cargo Deliveries and Free Roam to be more inline with the Base Game.

Hawkbs, Piva, Nico, FLD

Download Link 2: Download mod

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