Ice Road Trucker Map v1.0 By K-DOG (1.48.x) f

Ice Road Trucker – this modification adds a high quality map mod for ATS players, a new release from the author ,,K-Dog”, first winter map. The map has new ice roads, frozen ice lake crossings and mountain uphill grades so steep that spinouts can and do happen. All grades are drivable, you just have to know when and when NOT to shift gears. That goes for up-shifting as well as down-shifting. Miss a gear and you will stall-out and or spin-out. I recommend Practice with an empty trailer to get the hang of it.

Features Ice Road Trucker:
– Rebuilt all connections between Montana and Canada;
– The new ice roads now start at Whitehorse and at Yellow Knife;
– New road going to Stewart Crossing, Yukon and on back around south to Tok Alaska;
– 2 Diamond mines to pick-up and deliver to;
– Alaska North to the Future included;
– Sierra Nevada with new towns included;
– Icy Roads are slick. You can slide off the road if cornering to fast;
– Snow replaces rain and when icy roads are wet, they are even more slippery.

Order Load

The correct load order is
1. KDOG’s Ice Road Map Files
3. K-DOG’s Ice Road Game Files
4.Sierra Nevada With New Towns

Tested on game version 1.48.x


Download Link 2: Download mod

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  1. CAPTGFD says:

    Tried downloading it from both links. When they are in the mod selection list they are blank with no description except for Alaska NTTF. I put them in the list but the game crashes when opening it. Did I read it correctly that this mod doesn’t work with other map modes.?

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