My Yards Edits – for Promods Canada v1.46

Mod Contents
– Yard Twin Falls
– Yard Port Angeles
– Yard Ontário

Howdy Folks! I’ve been making some yard for my own use for a while, but decided to make public now.
My Simple yards.. Unlike some Yards I’ve seen from other modders, this one I made to make it as real as possible, with lots of dirt, people walking, people talking, mechanics talking among other characteristic details(As I make more Yard I will add information here). It has workshops and a place to rest.

This mod works with Promods Canada

– Adapted for 1.46
– clean logs

Note: You need all 3 files

scs, southernman

Download Link: Download mod
Download Link 2: Download mod

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Download links:
Download Mod Download mod 2

1 Response

  1. ShamokinMan420 says:

    Please help… in the description you say Mod Contents
    – Yard Twin Falls
    – Yard Port Angeles
    – Yard Ontário
    as well as saying this.. Note: You need all 3 files.

    But there are only 2 download links? I have them both installed with pro mods Canada and I am not seeing the yards anywhere?

    Again please help me as this would be a cool addition to my game and I would like to appreciate your work.

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