Truck Pack v1.5

Version 1.5:
– NEW TRUCK! – Volvo VNL 670 + Ai + Jobs
– Merged all files into one – no more loading order
– Solved nasty bugs, most missing icons and other stuff
– Leveling and pricing adjustements
– Tidied up the code a little so there should be less console errors by a mile
– NEW! Rig’n’Roll soundtrack that is in the additional file for your ears and nostalgia!

This is the truck pack containing various trucks made by modders that were ported to ATS. Models don’t belong to me, however I’ve made them compatible with one another, removed unnecessary addons that were causing game to crash or malfunction, making all trucks available to buy or drive through quick jobs as well as AI.

Truck List:
Kenworth T600,
Kenworth T800,
Freightliner XL,
Freightliner FLB,
Freightliner Argosy,
NEW! Volvo VNL 670

Most of them available at Kenworth truck dealer. Volvo VNL670 is available at Peterbilt dealer.

More trucks will come as modding progresses.

Three trucks are available as Ai vehicles in multiple variants – Volvo VNL670, Kenworth T800 and T600. All trucks in this package are available at quick jobs in various variants.

Five trucks in total are now available in new profile creation menu – Volvo VNL670, Kenworth K100 and Freightliner Argosy.

Truck parts are locked to levels accordingly so you have that ‘vanilla’ feel of the game.

Kenworth K100 Aerodyne didn’t make it to this version due to many bugs and glitches found (mainly addons). If I get them sorted out – this truck will come for sure. Next version should contain cosmetic changes like improper shadows resolved, better icons and new trucks (like Peterbilt 387, Kenworth K100).

Peterbilt 389EXHD will not appear since second *.scs file is encrypted and seems like author doesn’t want it included anyway. It works with my pack though, however it has many russian letters… so I advise being carefull.

Please do not ask for including any european trucks converted to ATS – this is AMERICAN Truck Simulator, not Euro Truck Simulator 2, so I will keep things more american, cuz ‘Murica.

Various Modders – moddeling (odd_fellow, Mrtheflashback, dmitry68, Stels, oq37, Ventures, vitalik062, Carlos, Jon_Ruda, Sergej Baltazar, Kriechbaum, dmitry68, piva, John Ruda,DnO, SCS Software and others!), Alabeo (me) – programming.

Orginal Link: Download mod

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What is american truck simulator mods?
Although the game is designed very high quality, good graphics, sounds, maps, any time you want to supplement your game with new trucks, tools, machinery, maps. Your american truck simulator game will become even more attractive. Simply download the ATS mods, read descriptions and fill their games with new tools. All modifications free, no hidden charges.

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9 Responses

  1. Trucker_bob says:

    NICE MOD! Could you make also 18 wheels of steel Truck Pack? I guess its not really easy but I miss lots of trucks.
    I know some are already ingame or coming up, but its a list of truck I know and even in 18 WOS

    Ford CLT 9000 ‘Frisk L9C’
    Freightliner Argosy
    Freightliner Century Class ‘Forerunner 21C’
    Freightliner Classic
    Freightliner Columbia
    Freightliner Columbia CL120
    Freightliner Coronado
    International 8600
    International 8600 ‘Intrepid 8600’
    International 8600 Sleeper
    International 9200 Eagle
    1988 International 9300 Eagle
    International 9400 Eagle
    International 9900i
    Kenworth K-100
    Kenworth T-2000
    Kenworth T-600
    Kenworth T-800
    Kenworth W-900
    Mack CH 613
    Mack Vision CX 613
    Mack Super-Liner
    Mack Metro-Liner
    Mack Trident / axle forward or back
    Mack Titan
    Peterbilt 320
    Peterbilt 351
    Peterbilt 357
    Peterbilt 362
    Peterbilt 379
    Peterbilt 385
    Peterbilt 387
    Peterbilt 352
    Peterbilt 389
    Western Star 4864
    Western Wtar 4800
    Western Star 4900
    Western Star 6900
    Ford Transcontinental
    Ford LTL9000

    • Trucker_bob says:

      Could you please mod the main music from 18 Wheels of Steel. like 18WoS Convoy, 18WoS American Long Haul
      that would be fantastic!

  2. SjaakT says:

    Yes thats awsome idea!

  3. Stretch says:

    Great mod. Just one real issue ive noticed the T800 full cab is $780,000 guessing this is a typeo but really needs to be

  4. kieranhendy says:

    Great mod love the Freightliner Classic!

    and does anyone know where to request a snow mod/download one?

  5. Andriy says:

    Not sure if this was tested on ATS on a Mac, but it crashes the game no matter what.
    Please fix

  6. Rax says:

    game crash when I select Buy Online from Petebilt dealer

  7. Mike says:

    Game crashes for me. Using windows 7-Not using any other mods except this one. new profile or old it don’t matter.
    I goto truck dealer and when selecting through trucks it crashes when adding stuff to truck it crashes. if I quick buy and goto drive truck it crashes.

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