ATS Parking brake Sound


hello, this is the same mod from ets 2 compatible with ATS, it’s changing the default sound of the parking brakes sticks


parkingbrakes_noises.scs – 63 KB

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6 Responses

  1. Avatar Trucker_bob says:

    vids please, People wount downloade it coz they dont have Video

    • Avatar Matt says:

      Right? People are so lazy with their uploads. Half don’t even have a proper description.

      • Avatar Zaxe says:

        hey dude i’m the creator of this I uploaded this mods in a OTHER website firts called “” and i had put a youtube link so just don’t speak too quickly pretentious idi0t -_-

        • Avatar kevinflemming says:

          Exactly. If they spent a couple more seconds reading they would see that the uploader is actually “ADMIN” not the mod creator. This is a clone site (one of many) for ATS mods. Google “ATS mods” and there will be at least five others. They even look the same lol.

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