American’s Wheel Pack v2.0 – 1.47/1.48

American Wheel Pack is a unique and meticulously crafted collection of custom-made wheels designed specifically for American Truck Simulator. What sets it apart is the passion and dedication poured into each wheel’s creation. Unlike mass-produced alternatives, Jasper’s wheels are entirely handcrafted by skilled artisans, ensuring an unparalleled level of detail and quality that true trucking enthusiasts can appreciate.

The process begins with a team of experienced designers and truck aficionados, who carefully study the real-life tire brands and wheel models found on American highways. Using state-of-the-art 3D modeling software, they bring these designs to life, capturing even the tiniest nuances of each tire brand’s aesthetic.

Once the virtual designs are perfected, the real magic happens. Skilled craftsmen, with years of experience in wheel fabrication, take over the reins. Using a combination of traditional craftsmanship techniques and modern precision machinery, they turn raw materials into works of art. Each wheel undergoes a painstaking process that includes cutting, shaping, painting, and finishing, ensuring it meets Jasper’s exacting standards.

From me – I do recommend this, this is suitable for all trucks you have in mind and it is also compatible with trailers as well.



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What is american truck simulator mods?
Although the game is designed very high quality, good graphics, sounds, maps, any time you want to supplement your game with new trucks, tools, machinery, maps. Your american truck simulator game will become even more attractive. Simply download the ATS mods, read descriptions and fill their games with new tools. All modifications free, no hidden charges.

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    Update for 1.49, pls

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