DD60/Tuned 595HP Add On v1.0 [1.38.x]

** This is an Add On for Kriechbaum’s MEGA PACK **
** You need the MEGA PACK, otherwise this mod will not work **


If you are a fan of Detroit Diesel 60 Series engines, Freightliner FLB and Kenworth K100. This Add On is for you.


1. Due to the lack of high power engines of Detroit Diesel 60 Series for the Special Transport jobs and Heavy Weight jobs, this mod adds a tuned version 595 HP (2755 Nm) for the demand of power. This tuned version is only available to Freightliner FLB (Harven’s) and Kenworth K100 (Overfloater’s) only.

(In real life, the 14L models of the series are also only available to Freightliner.)

2. Correct wrong torque value originally put by Kriechbaum to the original DD60 455HP and 515HP engines. Now they have the correct torque value according to real life.


– Compatible with Kriechbaum’s MEGA PACK v 3.1 (Required)
– The new tuned engine 595 HP is only available to the 2 trucks stated above.
– This Add On must be higher than Kriechbaum’s MEGA PACK.


Q: Will I add the tuned engine 595HP to SCS trucks?
A: Currently I only use the cab-over trucks because the cab is larger and I love the feeling of being large on the road. I am simply sharing this with people who love cab-over trucks first. But I might add it to SCS trucks as well if the demand and motivation is high.


All forms and any amount of donations/supports are welcome and encouraged. But preferably Paypal and/or Steam Trading Cards.

For Paypal:

(No amount is too small, even one cent is appreciated)


Download Link 2: Download mod

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