[ATS] NitroModz Container Plus v1.0.1 (1.40)


Version 1.0.1

-Containers do NOT have collision any more

Synopsis: When SCS first released the ownable containers I always felt like they lacked a bit of realistic handling. As someone who hauls containers on occasion I know that you don’t pick up and drop containers at every single location you move freight to and from, and that kind of bugged me.

Description: What this mod does is offer additional container chassis options which allows you to choose your container as an addon accessory and use the trailer like a dryvan for expanded load options. The reefer container is also available.

How to Use: Select the appropriate chassis and navigate to the “Cargo Type” node to select your desired container. Customize the trailer as you normally would and purchase it. If you want to use the reefer container, you must select the appropriate reefer chassis. Reefer chassis are separate options because they utilize a different trailer def which allows you to pick up both insulated and frozen cargo. All 40 foot containers are compatible with the 45 and 53 feet chassis options.

For version 1.41x

Does not work for MP.

Notes: In order to streamline the process I have not included any of the hazmat conatiners as each one would require their own defs and individual setups. I may get around to do that at another time. Specialized containers like the power generator and construction houses are not included because they are not containers to pick up cargo with but rather cargo themselves.

I am NOT taking requests for this mod for special modifications.


Download Link: Download mod
Download Link 2: Download mod

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