This is an updated version of Lucasi’s Utility 3000R/4000D-X mod for use in 1.38 of the game. Please be aware I’m just maintaining it, I won´t be adding any new accessories so please no requests. I have full approval from him for uploading this updated version.

You don´t need to use the old version!


Utility 53′ 3000R/4000D-X Owned Trailer for ATS +1.38x.x.x
Work By Faelandaea…
-Conversion to ATS 1.38- ***Ownable Only***
-Only in 53′
-You need level 13 to buy the dry van, and level 15 to buy the reefer
-Added 4000D-X logo’s
-Trailer tail edit to fit 4000D-X
-Made folded trailer tail
-Added top rear marker Barrier lights offset(to be used with Barrier rear door)
-Supports stock SCS paintjobs as well as custom paintjobs.
-Added Utility mudflaps

Paintjob fix for your custom skins. Copy and paste these in your accessory folder sii file. Please watch video at the right
box 53
acc_list[]: “body.3000r_53”
acc_list[]: “body.4000d_53”

acc_list[]: “f_body.ca_ultra_xt”
acc_list[]: “f_body.ca_2500a”
acc_list[]: “f_body.tk_sb200”
acc_list[]: “f_body.tk_s_600” dont kow why these hearts are showing but it should read tk

acc_list[]: “chs_f_l.ut_53_l”
acc_list[]: “chs_f_r.ut_53_r”

acc_list[]: “rear_body.ut_ch_nt”
acc_list[]: “rear_body.ut_ch_ft”
acc_list[]: “rear_body.ut_ch_tt”

acc_list[]: “rear_body.simple_t”
acc_list[]: “rear_body.utility_tt”
acc_list[]: “rear_body.utility_nt”
acc_list[]: “rear_body.utility_ft”
acc_list[]: “rear_body.ut_dry_nt”
acc_list[]: “rear_body.ut_dry_ft”
acc_list[]: “rear_body.ut_dry_tt”
acc_list[]: “rear_body.ut_rollup”
acc_list[]: “rear_body.simple_a” 1.33(aero wing)
acc_list[]: “rear_body.roll_up_g” 1.33(liftgate)

*Trailer will NOT show in trailer browser

*Trailer is NOT in traffic.

Utility 3000R Credits for ATS 1.31 and older
Alan,Anthony,Art,Bayonet,Bora,Bruno77,Cascadia,Cedric,Eclipse,felix08 ,Ivan,Jab,Jake,James60470,Jessy,Kodiak982,Kyle ATS
Manuel Mariani,Mavis,Pete379jp,Polarexpress17,Rubberduck,Samson,SCS,Sj3mark,Smarty,Steve,Superman,Wendi,Yankee Trucker

Alan,Anthony,Art,Bayonet,Bora,Bruno77,Cascadia,Cedric,Eclipse,felix08 ,Ivan,Jab,Jake,James60470,Jessy,Kodiak982,Kyle ATS
Manuel Mariani, Mavis, Pete379jp, Polarexpress17, Rubberduck, Samson, Sj3mark, Smarty, Steve, Superman, Wendi, Yankee Trucker

Download Link 2: Download mod

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