This mod makes the SCS Dry Bulk trailers ownable and working with the cargo market.
-Changeable bodies (Chrome and Weathered Chrome)
-Changeable chassis (Chrome and Weathered Chrome)
-Changeable wheels
-More cargo pickup and dropoff locations than the freight market dry bulk trailer (some realistic, some a bit more unrealistic)
-Support for single, STAA double, RM double, TP double, and triple trailers

Version 1:
-Initial release

Version 1.1:
-Added support for Rocky Mountain doubles
-Fixed cargo names and locations
-Added support for changeable wheels/tires/hubs etc.

Version 1.2:
-Added support for STAA doubles
-Fixed trailer body weights

Version 1.3
-Fixed issue of there being no cables going from the first trailer to the middle of the dolly on RM and STAA double setups

Version 1.4
-File cleanup
-Added dealership “logo”
-Added cement cargo image

Version 1.5
-Added triples
-Added turnpike doubles
-Added cable support to the back of pup2
-Updated validity of trailers for the upcoming Utah DLC
-Fixed trailer brace animation issue

Version 1.6
-Complete re-work of file structure
-Separated body and chassis to support different body and chassis options
-Added chrome body and chassis options
-Added loads that were supposed to be in the mod before, but I somehow missed them (gypsum, sugar, silica)
-Added new pickup and dropoff locations for cargo (some realistic some a bit more un-realistic)
-UI fixes and improvements
-Made trailer standalone. Previously I had stated that it was, but discovered that it was not.

DNA Transport

Download Link 2: Download mod

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