[ATS 1.40] Kenworth K100-E v1.3.4

Changes to 1.5.3

– Full update to version 1.40

– 6 frames (4×2, 6×4 short, regular 6×4. One set for 90 “cabins and one for 112” cabins)
– 4 cabins based on real analogues (90 “, 90” Aerodyne “, 112” and 112 “Aerodyne)
– Interiors adapted to all cabins, 2 styles, each in several colors.
– Internal models are somewhat simplified compared to real ones.
– Draw diagrams based on what you saw on real K100 trucks.
– Fairings and fairings based on real ones.
– Krikhbaum engines. The list is kept to a minimum, as the usual assortment feels overwhelming. We included C15 cats, straight tube and most Cummins.
– Gearboxes. 10, 13, 18 speeds, 5 and 6 speeds. Each has 3 different transmission ratios. Also, unlike Eaton, Allisons has a moderator.

The chassis models used are taken from the basic game.
The other parts that you might think are taken from the basic game are actually as follows.

Be sure to sell your old truck before attaching the new one.


Download Link 2: Download mod

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