[ATS] Freightliner Argosy v2.3.3 1.32

– Find in Peterbilt Dealer
– Standalone
– Your own interior
– Their sounds (several options)
– Your wheels
– Many tuning and accessories
– Metallic color
– Skins
– Support for DLC Cabin Accessories
– Support advanced coupling
– Added in quick job

Version 2.3.2
* Update for ATS 1.32 Game Version
* Made new icons to replace the generic “Freightliner” icon
* Fixed the co-driver plate reading the same as driver plate
* Added custom metallic paint
* Added new Caterpillar skin by (Lucasi)
* Steering wheel knobs in correct position no
* Updated all models to new version
* Fixed pressure gauges animations and indicators
* Added steering wheel as an accessory (instead of interior variant)
* Added steering wheel adjustment
* Added weighting station pass device
* Added support for steering wheel knobs
* Fixed advanced coupling
* Fixed error messages related to sounds
* Fixed warning message about buffer overflow with truck.pmd model

SoftLab-NSK, odd_fellow, stas556, dmitry68, FRANK_WOT, Kriechbaum, Harven, Lucasi

SoftLab-NSK, odd_fellow, stas556, dmitry68, FRANK_WOT, Kriechbaum, Harven, Lucasi

Download Link: Download mod
Download Link 2: Download mod

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