_Modelo 3D Artist:Hum3d

_sounds: Kriechbaum, odd_fellow

Fixed by galimim

Special thanks to Piva for the dashboard computer

Flow below bits donated by Wolfi and GTM team

Relistic headlights created and donated by hastantyo

Multi Torque engines work in this way:

Primary curve: Low
Secondary curve: High
Switch to high for top two gears

Eco-Torque Performance:
Primary: High
Secondary: Low
Switch to Low: Top 2 gears

Eco-Torque Economy:
Primary: High
Secondary: Low
Switch to low: Switches for top 4 gears

XE High Torque:
Only have high torque curve, low curve disabled on that engine ECU package

XE – Economy:
Primary: Low
Secondary: High
Switch to high: Top 2 gears

XE – Adaptive Gearing:
Primary: High
Secondary: Low
Switch to low: Top 2 gears for overdrive gearboxes and top gear for direct drive gearboxes

Changes from original mod:
Moved all upgrades to volvo_vnl_2018 folder
Moved def files to volvo.vnl.2018
Cleanup of textures
Changed cabin files to 740, 760 and 860.sii
Added Adaptive Loading and Tag chassies
Added proper engines
Removed engines that are not available in real life
Cleanup of interior textures
Added proprer dashboard lights
Reworked animations
Added VNL steering wheel

2.0: Original mod
2.1: Bug fixes
2.2: Added trailer brake stick animation
Added trailer air pressure animation
Added diff temperature animation
Adjust backlight on some interior parts to correspond with real life
Changed sideskirt lights from white to orange
Renamed parts to correspond with Volvo configurator
Calculated and added wheelbase to chassies
2.3: Fixed speedometer
2.4: Added support for SiSL interior addon
Bug fixes
Added support for front banner
2.5: Separated windshield heating
Cleanup of unnecessary files
Fixed the correct position of the front blinkers
Fixed the rear blinkers to red
2.6: Made model wider
Various fixes adjustments and additions
Added engines, gearboxes
New icons
2.7: Bug fixes
Changes to unlock levels
Switched to better wiper models
Added 4 way blinker animation
2.8: Finally fixed unlock level
Fixed external view of dashboard toys
Removed glass panel over gauges
Added additional interiors
Added Volvo VNL to quick jobs
Synchronised wipers
Added Antenas
New computer by Piva
2.9: Fixed front wheel position
Fixed steering wheel rotation
Fixed and improved rear lights
2.10: Various fixes and adjustments
2.11: Added Flow Below kits
2.12: Interiors changed to better suit real life counterparts
Added slots for interior decorations in cup holders
Added “Made in the USA” sticker to interior view
Removed unavailable gps
Added brake and throttle animation pedals
Tweaks to animations
2.13: Changed what gearbox is available with what engine to reflect real life
Rebaked AO on all cabs, hood and sideskirts
Bug fixes
2.14: Added removable USDOT sticker
Added Engine badges
Separated chrome kickplate
Added separated Globetrotter stickers
Added Clean Idle stickers
Improved glass def files
Adjusted glass locators
2.15: Moved kickplate locator for easier use
Updated Auxiliary brake lines
Updated engines
Added normal maps for interior textures
2.16: Bug fix
Changed chrome on the front to better suit what is available in real life
Added blinker indicators on mirrors
Added key and animation
Reworked dash indicator animations
Separated fog light from bumper
Added plastic cover for fog lights
2.17: Added Realistic Headlight Beam Pattern by hastantyo
Changed location on the template for Flow below parts
Improved the look of blinker indicators on mirrors
Added collision boxes for main mirrors
Added collision boxes for hood mirrors
Added collision boxes for bullbars
Adjusted mirror locators for even view
Improved the logo on the steering wheel
Improved startup animation
Updated shift points
2.18: Update for patch 1.35
2.19: fixed wiper problem 3 way wipers and dashboard work perfect


Download Link 2: Download mod

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