Volvo VNL 2019 + Interior v2.32 Edit by galimim (1.43)

Changelog 2.32:
Added Xceed badge
Updated sounds by Kriechbaum

Cleanup of textures
Changed cabin files to 740, 760 and 860.sii
Added Adaptive Loading and Tag chassies
Added proper engines
Removed engines that are not available in real life
Cleanup of interior textures
Added proprer dashboard lights
Reworked animations
Added VNL steering wheel

FRANCK PERU, Update galimim

Download Link 2: Download mod

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3 Responses

  1. Ivan says:

    Ridiculous amount of engines and transmissions to choose from, and that’s not necessarily a good thing: seriously, tone it down a bit, will ya? We don’t need 68 different engines and 88 different transmissions (yes, there really are that many inside the mod) to choose from.

    Truck looks good, but I find it odd that you can ONLY have a single stack exhaust with it. And, there are accessory dots on the mirrors but there aren’t any accessories to choose from for them. And, the placement of the roof light attachments looks a bit weird and out of place.

  2. Ivan says:

    A few more problems I’ve found with this truck:
    1. The side fairings show multiple accessory slots running the full length of the truck but they’re not useable; they’re also greyed out versus being red if useable. Why bother having accessory slots if they are pointless?
    2. The front grille and bumper chrome does not look like chrome but dull painted silver. Very noticeable especially if you have the chrome side trim selected.
    3.. Interior has no interior accessories support.
    4. The steering wheel does not lower down that much, making the bottom half of the gauges hidden unless you prefer to drive sitting all the way up close with your face pressed against the windshield, like an old lady.

    Quite a good handful of quality assurance issues.

  3. Toadette says:

    Someone optimize this dogshit…

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