Foggy Weather v1.7.2 (ATS Edition) – compatibility update

Have enough from ever-sunny (and rarely rainy) weather? Wan’t more variety ingame? Something new? Something realistic?
Then this is the right mod for you. Discover new weather-effects during passing through different landscapes with different climates. Enjoy the new lighting and be aware of thick fog in San Fran or heavy, brief sandstorm in the desert of Nevada & Arizona. (Just don’t forget to activate your hazard lights and full beam 😉 )
1.7 introduces a new era of ‘Foggy Weather’. Not even climates were added and changed, also the game got a new look, especially while day. Finally fog, mist, smog, dust & sandstorms have a decreased and much more optimized chance to appear and thick fog in California (for sure except in San Fran (hehe)) were removed.

CHANGELOG: UPDATE [1.7.2] (released: 02.04.2017)
– Compatibility Update for 1.6 ( recommended)
– Added compatibility add-ons with map: – ‘Viva Mexico’ (Version 2.2 (Sonora))
– Other add-on’s are coming with small updates soon, when the map makers update their map mods.
– EXCEPTION: MHAPro ATS 1.6 will not be supported! More informations soon…
– Added moon and corrected lighting during night like in RL
– Moon Phase refers to the 21th June of 2017 (Waning crescent (Visible: 11%; Age: 27 days))
– ‘Default’ climate now uses same settings as mediterranean climate / warm mediterranean climate
– Added localizations (translations) for German & Brazilian Portuguese
– Revisited all pictures for the loading bar
– Corrected minor errors in the ReadMe and mod description ingame

This mod REQUIRES ATS 1.6.x! VERSIONS BELOW (1.0-1.5.3) WILL NOT properly WORK with the modification. Also all two DLC’s (DLC NEVADA; DLC ARIZONA) are recommended for full experience the mod bring the effects with one.
IF California, Nevada & and Arizona got not touched by a map mod, this mod is compatible with that map mod. Otherwise it’s NOT!
For compatibility with map mods and other graphical and/or weather mods active the needed add-on’s, where given to you. Otherwise it won’t work properly!

Supported map mods are: Viva Mexico (Version 2.2 (Sonora))
Supported map-mod-combinations are: —
Supported graphic/weather mods are: —

Please NOTICE: Climates within the present territory of vanilla SCS map (California, Nevada & Arizona) will only appear and change dependent from your location on the map. Regions like Mexico, other states of US or Canada will not have this variety in climate and weather.
Mostly you will drive through ‘default’ & ‘desert’ climate, that’s up to the map developers. ‘default’ climate are using preferences of mediterranean climate / warm mediterranean climate of California. ‘desert’ climate are using preferences of ‘desert’ climate was set up for the some of desert regions within California, Nevada and Arizona.
Other mods like ‘Real companies’, ‘Sound’, ‘AI-Traffic’ or ‘Trucks’ are compatible as well.

BASE – “FOGGY WEATHER”: Just high priority (optimal are the highest)
“FOGGY WEATHER” WITH “VIVA MEXICO 2.2” (INCREASING ORDER): “Foggy Weather 1.7 – ‘LET’S MAKE AMERICA FOGGY AGAIN!’ (ATS Edition)” → Files of the Viva Mexico Map → “Foggy Weather 1.7 – ‘Viva Mexico’ – Add-On (ATS Edition)”

+ in Add-On’s: Supports maps from
– stocked_dude
– Heavy Alex
– Mantrid
– ManiaX
– Hugo Cesar and his team

Link 1 Base
Link 2 Addon

GerScaniaTrucker; SCSSoftware

Foggy_Weather_1.7.2__ATS-Edition__-_Map-ADD-ON_s.7… – 46.1 MB
Foggy_Weather_1.7.2__ATS_Edition__-_Base_File.7z – 51.4 MB

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