G6 1200 (3 AXLE)–Sound WORKING!

Allow me to share with you a second **Work in Progress** project. (First one is the Busscar DD 8x and 6x I have uploaded here). I couldn’t just let this bus go, so I created Fmod for engine sound. I have a lot to do yet, but for now it works great and will give you an authentic feel of long-haul busing across the USA.

This is the Marco Polo G6 1200 THREE AXLE option, based on the mod originally from the South American crew responsible for it.

Due to many people complaining about the lack of working buses for 1.46 and 1.47, and I agree. So for now here is a bus that will work for you. While these files are not mine, I have begun to upgrade for latest versions of the game. SO THE SOUND WORKS!

**Work in Progress** (as I said) so VERY IMPORTANT–not all options have sounds. Right now it works with the following options in the Mod Shop:

1. Select the “DS 1610” engine. (This is the engine I have created Fmod sound for). It is very realistic in terms of torque and sound, especially at speed on highways. The sound is based on hybrid diesel-gasoline engine, hence the diesel sound at low speed or idle.

2. Select any gearbox you like, but I have created an 8 speed heavy vehicle Mercedes Benz gearbox (from technical specs). It is named “GO 250-8 NewAMT” and works perfectly for me.
3. I am working on the info display in dashboard, so PLEASE DO NOT USE THE “i” BUTTON FOR INFO DISPLAY at this point.

I have left many original South American skins in place and, (as this is direct from my mod folder) I’m sorry, but you will see some of my creative activity in there as well.

At this point I am still working on blinker sounds, appearance of blinkers, etc., but the vehicle is a heckuvalotta fun to drive, yours–ready to go in the meantime. BUY IN PETERBILT STORE. (Shortcut: you can use the “Access Mod Dealer” button at bottom right, after entering the “Discovered Truck Dealers” page, to find this mod easily).

Re-authored–Dr. Duck (the Bus Quack).

Download Link 2: Download mod

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