GSC Weather Mod v2 – based on Piva Weather


– HDR profiles / no bloom
– sun profiles day / night / colors
– correct latitudes for Dalton map and thus sun profile
– correct latitude within 1-2deg Mexuscan Winter (Alaska) climate and thus sun profiles
– extra fine 5deg weather steps for Dalton map due to it being 1:1 time / map scale
– new black point for day & night
– new white point / grey for day
– more HDR cowbell for sky during daytime
– desaturated / reworked colors where applicable
– is pretty, i swear….
– awesome icon as free gift bonus
– includes Pivas flares for vehicle lights since they fit best

GSC – original by Piva

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Orginal Link: Download mod

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3 Responses

  1. Christopher says:

    great mod thank toy

  2. Rickpp says:

    works fine UNTIL I try and go into editor console….then crashes

    • gsc says:

      mod conflict somewhere – remember editor loads ALL mods in mod folder – you prob have either mexuscan map in there w mexuscan.climate.sii or dalton map or something – need last lines error log to tell exactly

      If i have dalton map in mod folder – even tho not enabled – opening editor gives me crash because editor loads all maps and dalton road looks conflict w other maps and vanilla etcetc

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