Kalyn Siebert trailer for ATS

Habdorn: Base Trailer 3D Model

Dro Modding: Adaption to ATS and rework done various models

Adrian Ciurea: Waste Management Cargo Model

Mado: Cat 966G Cargo Model

Aaron: 12 I Beam Cargo Model

LantmannenFS: Slurry Container (From Farm Sim)

[Expendables:Service Truck Body Cargo Model (From Farm Sim)

Polygonish: Bobcat Cargo Model (From Farm Sim)

Sam Sherrif: Donated Manitowoc16000 Beam Insert Cargo Model

Ls Modding TP: D5K2 Cargo Model (From Farm Sim)

James60470: Concrete Tubes Cargo Model

Bora: Container Cargo Model

Mirozed: Valzelli Cargo Model (From Farm Sim)

Bandit Sims: Transformer Boxes (From ATS Trailer)

Corby: Beacon, Toolboxes & Wheels

SCS: Harvester Cargo Model, Lumber Cargo Model, Pipe Cargo Model, And Chains/Binders

aplogize in advance if I forgot anyone I tried to get everyone that played a part in the project.

If you belive you should be added contact me @[email protected]


Software Used:

Zanoza Modeler 3


3DS Max




Download Link 2: Download mod

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10 Responses

  1. The Demon says:

    Funny how you can ask for money to a mod that clearly shows is not yours, it has a lot of really big name trusted modders listed, wonder how they feel about you charging for something that they did most of the work for your mod.

  2. Microsoft Sam says:

    Fuck money. No more Gumroad.

  3. Caillou says:

    Froggy is not responding anymore, so I’ll take his place.

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