ATTENTION! 11 pair different engine sounds for trucks in ATS

All this mods for – American Truck Simulator ver.1.31.x
– These mods do not change the game process, you can use them at any time, it’s enough to leave the game and connect or replace one mod of ES-version or of S-version then continue the game.

– Mods of the ES-version replaces the gearbox, replaces the engine and its sound, change light of headlights in trucks:
NOTE – ES-version mods:
replacement of any engine for engine 840 hp and replacement of any gearbox for gearbox 16 speed

– Mods of the S-version changes only sound of any engines and changes the light of headlight in trucks:

The name list of mods, differing by a sound of the engine for trucks ATS:
* – Kenworth W900 and T680
* – Kenworth W900b and T610 (by GT-Mike)
* – Peterbilt 389 and 579
* – Peterbilt 359; 389v2 and 567_by GT-Mike

_ mods pair list:
01 mod pair:
– KenPet_ES_Sound-N001_v18.VI.27.scs
– KenPet_S_Sound-N001_v18.VI.27.scs
02 mod pair:
– KenPet_ES_Sound-N002_v18.VI.27.scs
– KenPet_S_Sound-N002_v18.VI.27.scs
03 mod pair:
– KenPet_ES_Sound-N003_v18.VI.27.scs
– KenPet_S_Sound-N003_v18.VI.27.scs
04 mod pair:
– KenPet_ES_Sound-N004_v18.VI.27.scs
– KenPet_S_Sound-N004_v18.VI.27.scs
05 mod pair:
– KenPet_ES_Sound-N005_v18.VI.27.scs
– KenPet_S_Sound-N005_v18.VI.27.scs
06 mod pair:
– KenPet_ES_Sound-N006_v18.VI.27.scs
– KenPet_S_Sound-N006_v18.VI.27.scs
07 mod pair:
– KenPet_ES_Sound-N007_v18.VI.27.scs
– KenPet_S_Sound-N007_v18.VI.27.scs
08 mod pair:
– KenPet_ES_Sound-N008_v18.VI.27.scs
– KenPet_S_Sound-N008_v18.VI.27.scs
09 mod pair:
– KenPet_ES_Sound-N009_v18.VI.27.scs
– KenPet_S_Sound-N009_v18.VI.27.scs
10 mod pair:
– KenPet_ES_Sound-N010_v18.VI.27.scs
– KenPet_S_Sound-N010_v18.VI.27.scs
11 mod pair:
– KenPet_ES_Sound-N011_v18.VI.27.scs
– KenPet_S_Sound-N011_v18.VI.27.scs
_ list end _
When creating this mods, were used parts of mods – Kriechbaum, adi2003de, Oxygen and other mods, authors I do not know.

all mods in archive – KenPet_11x2_Sound_mod_for_ATS_v18.VI.27.rar (~50mb)

bobo58 27.06.2018


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What is american truck simulator mods?
Although the game is designed very high quality, good graphics, sounds, maps, any time you want to supplement your game with new trucks, tools, machinery, maps. Your american truck simulator game will become even more attractive. Simply download the ATS mods, read descriptions and fill their games with new tools. All modifications free, no hidden charges.

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