The model is standalone, does not change the default t680
bought in the cabin Kenworth

Change from 29.12.17
Fixed a bug with painting the corporate skin. The custom color is not saved.

completion and correction of the default SCS model.
– Geometry and materials of headlights, bonnet, grill, bumper, have been edited.
– The interior is replaced in the external model by HD internal.
– Changed the geometry of the interior, brought into line with the external model,
The fixing point of the visor also corresponds to the external model.
– In the interior of Diamond, the sun shields are omitted.
– the track of the front wheels is reduced, in accordance with the real one.
– Added accessories in the interior.
– The suspension made it softer, now it’s nice to ride more sway, the default is quite oak.
– Perenastroil camera in the cabin, fov 67 and other parameters of turning the head.
– It increased the range of the camera point setting,
By default, it was impossible to install a camera closer to the torpedo.
– I reprogrammed the glow of the instruments.
– Light in the salon, (it is activated by the button “O”), in accessories of flashers.
– Adjusted the reflection of the glass in the cabin and on the exterior model.


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