Mack Anthem 2018 [1.32.x] (Fix)

UPD:12.09.18 (Fix)
– I’ve merged the paints and the engines into the mod (after I managed to figure out how to unlock the dang thing).
– I did not merge the interior lights because of a obsolete flare definition data that I did not know how to fix, and also did not merge the toysDLC mod.
– The mod has reduced from 1.8GB to just 405MB using normal compression (audio is not compressed)
– Managed to fix ALL the errors that showed in the console, even removed the obsolete headlight definitions to make it 1.32 compatible.
– Standalone, Kenworth Dealer
– 4 types of cabins
– 7 types of chassis
– 19 engines
– 10 transmissions
– 4 types of interior
– Own skins
– Tuning
– Cable Support
Game version: 1.32.x

Fixes: ShirBlackspots

Download Link 2: Download mod

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3 Responses

  1. Duwayne Johnson says:

    Sorry man beautiful truck but mod does not work bumper and hood mirrors are transparent as well as the main mirrors needs work and will be a perfect mod.

  2. anthony turner says:

    this truck does not work in ats is there any way it can be fix

  3. DJ says:

    Well this is my second reply without a response mod still not working properly!!! guess i will move on and not use this mod, it too bad its a beautiful truck.

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