MHAPro v1.6.5. for ATS v1.6

MHAPro ATS 1.6.5. (in support version Compatible with 1.6 Steam and higher):

1. fixed some small problems ,mistakes and small bugs
2. new small city McGill (NV)
– re_train
– mha_constr
– roadwork_mha
3. city Ely (NV)
– new garage
– new look
– new parking places
– comapny Bruger King
4. overlook road nbr.6 – Ely – Tonopah
5. city Carson city
– new garage
– company mha roadwork
– new gas station
– company McDonalds
6. new village Topaz Lake (NV)
– company gal_oil_gst
– company cm_min_qry
– new look
7. new village Bishop (NV)
– company gal_oil_gst
– hms_con_svc
– new look
8. overlook road 395 from
9. new company Target in map MOD
10. overlook city Fresno
– company Target
– new look
– roads around city
ATS mods
11. new look on roads around Huron
12. fixed prefab Underground company
13. overlook city Ukiah
– company Roadwork
– company sc_frm_grg
14. new road from Ukiah to south (some 50-70 miles)
15. fixed some small problem or mistakes on map
16. overlook city Tonopah
17. overlook roads nbr. 6 and 95 around Tonopah city
18. new village Goldfield (NV)
– company gal_oil_gst
– company cm_min_qry
– new open road
19. overlook whole road 95
20. new city Beatty (NV)
– company Target
– company MHA service
– company ed_mkt
– new open road
21. new village Big Smoky (NV)
– company chm_che_plnt
– company underground
– new roads
22. overlook road 376 from north to south.
23. overlook road 50 from Ely to west
24. new city Austin (NV)
– company gal_oil_gst
– company hms_con_svc
– company ed_mkt
– company Roadwork
25. Hornbrook (CA)
– company Roadwork
26. overlook road 305 from Winnemuca to Austin
27. new garage in Kingman city
28. new village Vidal Junction
– company gal_oil_gst
– company ed_mkt
29. fixed and cleared small mistakes with grass on roads, some other
small problems in map
30. overlook Ehrenberg
31. overlook road 95 from Ehrenberg to north highway 40

Heavy Alex

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