This is an additional accessory mod for Peterbilt 389. I created various accessories such as bumpers, exhaust pipes, and visors.

List of the accessory types in this mod
– Air Filters
– Bumper (with special addon accessories)
– Bug Deflector
– Cabin Deflector (for Low Roof Sleeper)
– Exhaust
– Grill (with special addon accessories)
– Main Mirrors (with special addon accessories)
– Mudflaps
– Mudguards
– Sideskirts (with special addon accessories)
– Sun Visor

And my custom cabins and chassis. (Some accessories are dedicated to these.)

If your player’s level is less than the required level, these accessories won’t appear in the service. Required level of each is set the same or slightly higher as the game’s accessories. (All of my accessories are less than level 20.)

The game version 1.6.x or higher.

Activate the mod
– Run the game, and open the mod manager on the profile selection window.
– Select the mod on the mod manager, and click arrow button to activate it.
– Click the “Confirm Changes” button, and close the mod manager.

Deactivate and Unsubscribe
You should sell all of my accessories before deactivate the mod on the mod manager. (For avoiding an issue of a save compatibility.) All of my accessories have my avatar icon on the service menu. So you can clearly understand which is an accessory of this mod.
– Deactivate the mod on the mod manager, and save the game.
– Click the button of Unsubscribe on this page.

SCS Software, pete379jp

Future plans
(It’s just idea…)
– Stretched frame chassis.
– Chrome wipers for my custom cabins (I tried it once, but did not succeed…)
– Some headache racks as addon accessories for Sideskirts.

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