Peterbilt 389 Optimus Prime Skin for Viper’s Truck Mod




I saw the comments on my previous Optimus skin page today, It seems that it doesn’t work on new game version. So I made another one,here it is.
It’s not all the same to Optimus because all the flames on the cab, sleeper, fenders are came from the hood. (I will definitely make a more formal and real Optimus Prime skin that every skin part will be the same to Optimus in the future but now, this skin is just for urgent use on new game version.)
【【【The original file is credit to “skiner”】】】 , I just replaceed the DDS file for saving time. so don’t use this skin with his “Peterbilt 389 Viper Skins pack update” skin to avoid conflit. This is just a skin for fun,if you wanna change the skin, it will be fine.
Tip: Remmember to choose the right sleeper and other parts to make it be Optimus Prime~

skiner, kent76

Peterbilt_389_optimus_prime_skin.scs – 540 KB

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  1. mkettu31 says:

    please add autobot emblem choice in grill and steeringwhhel

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