PROJECT 350 V1.0 1.35.X



Custom Ground up Project 350 Truck (not an edit scratch build).
– Custom 350 Wheels and Nuts;
– Custom interior with full animation and gauges;
– Visor camera for interior;
– Added shifter to interior;
– Blue backlights in interior;
– Shaved Cab of windows and handles;
– Custom mirrors;
– Custom sleeper with interior;
– Shaved sleeper of handles and trim;
– Custom headlights and options;
– Custom tail lights and flares;
– Bike Completely redone and added as options;
– Bike hoist new;
– Airline choices: Straight and Coil lines, Color or Black.


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7 Responses

  1. Avatar bearded Trucker says:

    Thats Custom blades 350 Damn thief! Bu5ted is now a mod thief WTF

  2. Avatar The 802 drifter says:


  3. Avatar Patrick Mahoney says:

    No it’s not stolen we built that truck from the ground up nothing is blades AT ALL

  4. Avatar Bu5ted says:

    That is a ground up custom, nothing is by Blade, open it up and compare it to Blades pile of shit, i can post a list over 100 lines long, showing Blades truck is not even close to Ritchies. His sleeper isnt even correct nevermind the shave on the cab. I wont get into a pissing match with you, if you want to pay for dogshit and get screwed thats your deal. dont want to use my version (not “edit”) then dont because i could give two shits. I dont steal mods, people steal mods from me, 90% of the parts out there on other trucks are mine, 90% of the modders out there learned from me, i been doing this since ETS and i do it for the community not for the money. So until you open the mod and have a good look to compare shut your fuckin mouth or fill it with blades cock.

  5. Avatar davey says:

    looks amazing but its glitchy when you drive with the lights on while in the cab

  6. Avatar Guy with a Shop says:

    I worked with the guy Making the real thing and this mod.. id say it is preety good but if i could add some things to it, it would look like the real thing such as: The trailer was a bit longer when we made it and if you look at ours it is a bit longer then the cyberpunk 2077 mod… I also took a look at “blade’s” mod and i can say both of yall did a good job but like “Busted” said “His sleeper isnt even correct nevermind the shave on the cab” he is right. I say nothing is stolen but bot of you guys did good jobs.. Even if yall are not on the same side.

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