USA Police Traffic by Solaris36 & Da Modza




USA Dodge Charger policial vehicles.

– Beacons & flashers.
– On & off versions.
– Cities skins.
– Unmarked model included on & off.
– With sounds.
– Low frequency (0.1 to 0.5)

Thank you to Da Modza for 3D model Dodge Charger.

Enjoy it. 🙂

Solaris36 & Da Modza (Model Dodge Charger 3D)

USA_Police_traffic_v1.0_by_Solaris36___Da_Modza.ra… – 39.1 MB

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2 Responses

  1. kevinflemming says:

    Really nice models and the lights and sound are equally nice too!

    But I’ve noticed they seem to be practically everywhere. There have been times when I’ve seen more than five cars in a few minutes or a few miles on the highways. I’m not 100% sure (as I live in the UK) but I doubt there would be so many police around. Maybe in the cities though. Don’t some stretches of highway only have one or two patrols? Also, majority of the time they will have their sirens on. It just doesn’t feel right when you’re hearing it pretty much every time one passes by.

    Are there ways to alter how they behave and the frequency of appearance at my end, or does it have to be done directly by editing parameters in the mod itself? I’m intrigued as to how changes are made.

  2. William says:

    Sorry! guys; I meant to say it crashes the ATS game v1.29 and your Emergency vehicles work fine. Please help oh! and Merry Christmas..

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