[ATS] MHAPro Map by MsHeavyAlex (1.38.x)

Changelog v1.38
1. new cross north from Sacramento (CA)
2. new big highway cross Sacramento – Yuba city (CA)
3. new connection to the El Centro (CA)
4. new roads cross El Centro (CA)
5. connection to DLC Idaho (ID)
– Logan to Pacatello (ID) – finished
– Ogden to Twin Falls (ID) – finished
– Lewiston (ID) to Kennewick (WA) – finished
– Lewiston (ID) to Pendleton (OR) – finished
6. new road US 370 from Pendleton (OR) to direction US 12 Lewiston (ID)
7. Lewiston (ID) – new road open to highway 95 to the North
8. connection to DLC Idaho (ID)
– Spokane (WA) to Coueur d’Alene (ID) – finished
– Spokane (WA) to Sandpoint (ID) – finished
9. overlook Spokane (WA)
– all roads around
– highway 90 and all signs
10. overlook Colville (WA)
– all roads inside the city
11. overlook road US 395
12. overlook road US 20
13. Las Vegas (NV)
– re-changed Bitumen company
– new Heart truck parking + gas station
14. connection to DLC Idaho (ID)
– Grangeville (ID) to South – highway 95 – finished
– Boise (ID) to Ontario (OR) – finished
– Boise (ID) to South – highway 51 to Elko (NV)
15. connection to Elko (NV) from Boise (ID) – finished
16. connection to DLC Idaho (ID)
– Twin Falls (ID) to Jackpot (NV) – finished
17. Sacramento (CA) – garage fixed
18. new Jackpot look enter from Idaho
– new look on some places
– new road connection to city
19. overlook road Twin Falls (ID) to Jackpot (NV) hw 93
20. overlook city Twin Falls (ID)
21. overlook city Pocatella (ID)
22. overlook city Idaho Falls (ID)
– hw 15 between Pocatella (ID) to Idaho Falls (ID)
23. overlook city Salmon (ID)
24. overlook city Ketchum (ID)
– road 93 between Ketchum (ID) and Salmon (ID)
25. overlook city Boise (ID)
26. overlook city Nampa (ID)
27. overlook city Grangeville (ID)
– road 95 and 12 overlook
28. overlook city Lewiston (ID)
29. overlook city Coure d’Alene (ID)
– road 95 between Lewiston (ID) and Coure d’Alene (ID)
30. overlook city Sandpoint (ID)
– road 95 between Coeur d’Alene (ID)
31. fixed all (I hope) small and middle road problems in those cities
32. fixed almost all signal in Idaho
33. problem with semaphore system in update 1.38 – SCS confirmed problem


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