Mod for steering wheel 180-270 Degrees 1.38.XX ATS

Mod for steering wheel 180-270 Degrees 1.38.XX ATS

Mod update.

Attention, this mode is only for the American truck simulator,
Previously it was for both simulators, but now the values ​​of mass and damping are different in each simulator.

Please do not load the mod on another server, respect the original link of the author.


This mod makes steering wheels that are NOT 900 degrees, for example, 180 or 270 degree steering wheels much more manageable in-game.

The mod makes driving a lot easier and smoother with these types of steering wheels that sometimes have a very sharp turn,
due to the few degrees they have. Important, set the driver subtype to “driver”.
If placed in the “steering wheel” option, the mod will have no effect.
Remember, the “controller” option, and then set the sensitivity to your liking. For more information,
follow the video. It has English subtitles for a better understanding of the settings.

Updated the files to this version 1.38.XX

File weight: 93 Kb

Credits: Scs, Rockeropasiempre


Credits: Scs, Rockeropasiempre

Download Link: Download mod
Download Link 2: Download mod

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Download Mod Download mod 2

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