[ATS] MHAPro Map by MsHeavyAlex (1.39.x)

MHAPro Map – Map of Europe, this map rebuilds and saturates the standard map, adds new cities and towns.New unusual companies, new objects, junctions and roads.Compatible with many cards that do not affect the standard, for example RusMap, EAA, PJ Indo Map, etc.
For its proper operation, the DLC cards “Going East”, “Scandinavia”, “Vive La France” and Italy are Required. MHA Pro adds new cities, roads, junctions and towns to American Truck Simulator.

Features MHAPro Map ATS:
– New unusual companies, new facilities, interchanges and roads;
– Complicated unloading in some companies (optional);
– New gas stations, parking lots, parking lots, and many other objects;
– 64 cities;
– 63 companies;
– Must have in the game: DLC New Mexico, Oregon and other map extensions;
– Compatible with many cards that do not affect the standard, for example Viva Mexico;

DLC Special Transport Routes:
1. From Phoenix Airport to Sierra Vista Coastline Mine
2. Kingman Plaster & Sons to Flagstaff Plaster & Sons
3. Oakland Harbor to Huron Bushnell Farm
4. From Fresno (Bitumen) to Bakersfield (Crops)
5. From Eureka HMS to Redding BITUMEN
6.San Rafael (Darchell Yzau) to Eureka (Darchell Yzau)
7. Yuma (wallbert) to Tucson (Plaster and Sons)

Changelog 1.39
1. new Sacramento (CA) place – Airport
– company mcDon_whs
– company airport
– company chm_che_plnt
2. new city Roseville (CA)
– company Target_whs
– company dg_wd_saw1
– company hf_wd_pln
– company dg_wd_hrv
– company 42p_print
– company DHL_logis
3. new connection to highway 99 to North – Yuba City (CA)
4. new normal road from highway 5 to Sacramento (CA) Airport
5. new company Food_fact in map MOD
6. new city Cuba City (CA)
– company food_fact
– company oh_con_hom
– company Gallon (gas station)
– company wal_mkt
– company tid_mkt
– company mha service
– company pns_con_whs
7. new roads and connections to Cuba City (CA)
8. new connection road from highway 80 to Roseville (CA)
9. new connection road from Roseville (CA) to Cuby City (CA) – classic road
10. new connection road from Roseville (CA) to road 395 – Reno (NV)
11. The WS dealers are in the MHAPro map:
– Stockton CA – on the place
– Oxnard CA – on the place
– Lewiston ID – on the place
12. city El Centro – rebuilded
13. CA 111 – truck stop added
14. highway 99 from Cuba City (CA) to Chico (CA)
15. new city Chico (CA)
– company dmc_car_dlr
– company wal_mkt
– company Volvo dealer
– company Petrol
– company sc_frm
– company pns_con_sit
16. new highway connection from Chico (CA) to Redding (CA) – road 99
17. new connection on Redding (CA) with highway 99
18. new signs on whole highway 99
19. new “cut scene” in Chico (CA)
20. new “cut scene” in Cuba City (CA)
21. new “cut scene” in Roseville (CA)
22. Updated “cut scenes” in IDAHO country (10 of them)
23. fixed some small issues in Oxnard (CA)
24. new small city McCall (ID)
– garage
– company service mha
– company bn_farm
– company lowes_mkt
– company pns_con_sit1
– new roads inside the city
25. new roads in McCall (ID) city
26. new samll city Horseshoe Bend (ID)
– company car_small
– company bn_farm
27. new small city New Meadows (ID)
– garage
– company hms_con_svc
– company cm_min_gry
– company dg_wd_hrv
– company cm_min_str
– new roads inside the city
28. new small Baker city (OR)
– company cm_min_plnt
– company gal_oil_gst
– company cm_min_gryp
29. totally new road from N.Meadows (ID) to Baker city (OR)
– with all connections
– new companies on road connections
30. ALL CONNECTIONS on DLC COLORADO are finished !
31. new small Bluff (UT)
– garage
– company ed_mkt
– new roads inside small city
– company roadwork mha
– company wm_car_whs
– company nmq_min_qry
32. city Moab (UT)
– company McDonalds
33. fixed some problems with new 1.39 SCS updates
34. some 40 new Cutscenes in map MOD (3 days work+testing)
35. overlook city Durango (CO)
– road 550 to the south and north
– road 160 to the west
36. new billboards in the map MOD
37. new part road 95 from Fallon (NV) to highway 80 North
38. fixed (still not finished) many line crosses on highways all over the map
39. small city Panaca (NV)
– company roadwork_mha
– company wal_mkt
– company nmq_min_str
– company pns_con_whs
– company nmq_min_pln
– company nmq_min_qry
40. new road (319) connection from Tonopah (NV) to Panaca (UT)
41. new road (56) connection from Panaca (NV) to Cedar City (UT)
42. new billboards in the map game
43. fixed many small problems in the map mod
44. changed some billboards
45. overlook some parts in Colorado state – billboards


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  1. Kovács Zoltán says:

    Garage development video hangs, but in the background it rains. You need to restart the game.

  2. Kovács Zoltán says:

    Garage development video hangs, but in the background it rains. You need to restart the game.
    What does “digits” mean to you? Numbers or letters?

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