[ATS] PaZzMod – Rebuilds/Expansions v1.3 (1.38.x)

PaZzMod – This mod add 2 version: PaZzMod Mexico and PaZzMod Standalone. Mod rebuilds and expansions in Southern CA and AZ in the area mainly around El Centro, CA. While mapping I am trying to blend realism and creative detailing as much as possible. Of course, perfection can not always be achieved due to limitations in models, prefabs and space. As this is the first release, please take into consideration, that Bugs may occur. Please give a detailed description of any Bug you find.

Features mod PaZzMod Expansion:
– 2 version of the map: Standalone Version and Mexico-Maps Version;
– Requires Map (D)LCs: Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Utah
– Required: Mega Resources 2.1.10 (Or higher);
– various cities affected
– compatible with other maps

Changes in v1.3:
– New city: Blythe
– Rebuilt city: Ehrenberg
– Refresh of El Centro
– Complete rebuild of following routes:
– I-10 between Indio & Ehrenberg
– I-8 between El Centro & Pine Valley Creek
– US-95 between Vidal Junction & I-10
– New routes:
– CA-78 between Glamis & I-10
– Many map wide improvements & fixes on details, scenery, performance and techniques
– Reworked tollbooths in Mexico using new prefabs from MegaResources
– Incorporated US-95 Remake v1.3 by Jbte

Changes added for PaZzMod
Rebuilds in Southern CA & AZ:
Yuma, AZ
El Centro, CA
I-8 (El Centro to Wellton, AZ)
I-10 (Indio to Chiriaco Summit)
US-95 (Yuma to Yuma Proving Grounds)

New stuff in Southern CA & AZ:
AZ-195 (Tiny stretch @ Yuma)
Brawley, CA
Indio, CA
CA-78 (Around Brawley)
CA-86 (From CA-111 near Calexico, CA to I-10)

Load order for PaZzMod-MEX
1. Mega Resources
2. Sierra Nevada
3. PaZzMod
4. Mexssimap
5. Mexico Extremo
6. Viva Mexico

Load order for PaZzMod-Standalone
1. Mega Resources
2. Sierra Nevada
3. PaZzMod

Link 1 Standalone Map:

Link 2 Mex Map:


Download Link: Download mod
Download Link 2: Download mod

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