Kenworth W900A Custom Truck v1.5 by Renenate (1.45)

Tested on 1.45 version
Updated and few fixes
Game: American truck simulator



Download Link 2: Download mod

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What is american truck simulator mods?
Although the game is designed very high quality, good graphics, sounds, maps, any time you want to supplement your game with new trucks, tools, machinery, maps. Your american truck simulator game will become even more attractive. Simply download the ATS mods, read descriptions and fill their games with new tools. All modifications free, no hidden charges.

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8 Responses

  1. John Doe says:

    More unoptimized, cluttered bloatware from “ReRe”Nate. As with his other mods, it is bloated with crap. Lots of excessive, large files pulled from other mods and crammed together to make a “mod”. The 711 MB zip file contains six zip files, totaling 3.21 GB of junk. The main zip file is 1.79 GB with the other five making up the remainder.

    You want to know how bad ReReNate’s “mods” are? The main file contains 14,688 files spread across 513 folders. To put things into perspective, the Viper2 Peterbilt 389 being rebuilt by Digital-X is 1.00 GB in size and has only 4,670 files in it. And, it looks ten times better than any of ReRe’s mods, which look like they were created in MS Paint or a coloring book.

    Don’t get any mod that has ReneNate on it: they’re bloated, not optimized, look bad, run bad, and have a tendency to crash your game.

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